Monday, May 2, 2011

.Spring Break.

I feel bad that I don't post about Brooklyn as often as I do Lily.

They are both quite the comical little children and I have loads of stories every day that I could post about both of them. 
The thing about that though, is that Brooklyn's funny moments aren't always ones that other people would understand. We have a lot of little inside jokes that make her crazy moments so hysterical. 

The week before last was Spring Break for our school district. Easter also happened to fall right on the tail end of Spring Break this year. It was her Dad's year to have her for Spring Break, so we didn't get to enjoy her for Easter this year. 
It was a bit of a rough week and weekend for me, since I am so used to having her home with me every night and cuddling until Aaron comes to bed. That is my special time with Brookie that we enjoy almost every night. I started to realize, while she was gone, that cuddling in my bed at night is probably going to be changing to a rare occurrence once Baby Boy arrives. Which makes me sad, since I know how much she enjoys that time every night and is always a bit let down when Aaron comes to bed at the same time as us and she has to go straight to her bed. 
I haven't had to worry too much about Lily being jealous of mine and Brookie's little time together every night. Lily isn't much into cuddling and never really has been. She likes her own space and will just talk your ear off if you let her into bed with you most nights.

Needless to say, I am VERY happy to have my Brookie back home! I have missed having her around all the time and I know Lily missed her playmate.

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