Monday, November 29, 2010

.Computer Games.

Brookie enjoys playing computer games. I let her play on sites like and

She honestly learns quite a bit from the games she plays. A while back she was trying to figure out how to rhyme. She did pretty good for playing ONE game that teaches rhyming.

Tonight, Aaron was playing his computer games before I put the girls to bed. Brookie was sitting on the couch with me and Aaron stood up from his game and said "I keep dying, I think I am done."

Brookie's reply..."Dad, you can play my games. They're not hard."
Gosh I love this kid.

Friday, November 19, 2010

.Who Likes Driving Anyways??.

Earlier tonight, Brookie and I were coming home from running some errands. We were stopped at a corner waiting to turn right when an ambulance and police car came up behind us and rounded the corner. They parked right next to the sidewalk immediately after making a right hand turn. There was an older gentlemen, probably in his 40's or 50's, sitting on the ground with about 3 or 4 people standing around him that had clearly just gotten out of their SUV that was parked right next to him. Brookie asked me what was wrong with him. I told her it could be anything and that maybe he had a heart attack. Honestly, I think her idea was much better...this is what she said to me immediately following my response...

"Maybe he just doesn't want to drive anymore."

Ha ha I love that kid! The answer is usually a lot simpler than we think.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

."Hi Mr. Goat!".

I guess goats don't handle being teased very well...