Thursday, May 17, 2012

Coca-Cola Can

I was making lunch for the kids and Brookie comes up to me holding this Coca-Cola can. She says to me "Mom, why is there a Santa on this bottle? Does it make you care about your kids?" All I could do was laugh and tell her how adorable she is. 

Just another one of the many stories I will have for her when she is older.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

.5 Years Old.

I don't know how the past 5 years have flown by so fast. My little Brookie Bear is going to be starting Kindergarten in the fall and is halfway through Pre-School.

I have been thinking back to when it was just Brookie and I. When my days were filled with watching Finding Nemo OVER and OVER, Mommy and Brookie nap times, helping her brush her teeth & hair, loving any game I made up for us to play and my little helper who wanted nothing more than to help me mop the kitchen floor.

Now my days are filled with a little girl who has a slew of favorite shows (right now it is Fairly Odd Parents on AutoPlay ALL DAY), she is dressing herself with a style all her own, is learning how to clean up after herself, brushes her own teeth & hair and is teaching ME how to play make believe and make up funny songs.

I am pretty sure this is where all my parenting skills will start to become defined and everything I know will start to be put to the test....can't they just stay 2 forever???

Saturday, December 3, 2011

.Brookie the Astronaut.

Brookie & Aaron were having a conversation in the car about what Brookie wanted to be when she grew up.

She promptly replied "I am going to be the first girl to go to the moon!"

Aaron explained to her that she would have to go to College first to become an Astronaut.

Brookie said "I already know how to put a flag on the moon Dad!"

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

.Dinner Blessing.

Brookie asked to bless the food tonight at dinner.

Her prayer went something like this:

"Thank you for this food.
Please bless that it won't be yucky.
Please bless that it won't taste gross.
Please bless that the pasta will be yummy."

I guess it worked...because she ate every last bite.

Monday, October 17, 2011

.Primary Program.

Yesterday was Brooklyn's Primary Program. She had to memorize the above scripture to recite along with the rest of the Sunbeams. We started working on it with her Saturday afternoon...and she got it memorized by that evening! 

The Sunbeams were the first ones to recite their part.  They had them all standing on one side of the pulpit and someone held the microphone and swept back and forth so you could hear all of the children. Well, Brookie leaned as far forward as she could and followed the microphone the WHOLE time...speaking as loudly as she could only hear Brooklyn. :)

She sang all the songs as loud as she could and did such a good job. She had a hard time holding still and was moving and talking the whole time...what else would you expect from a 4 year old that is expected to stand in the same place for 45 minutes straight??

We were so proud of her for doing such a good job.

Monday, September 26, 2011


My big girl Brookie enjoyed her first day of Preschool today!!

We were a bit worried she would be missing out due to her having had the stomach flu ALL weekend. 
She woke up this morning and seemed as good as new. I am so glad she didn't miss out on her first day.

Showing off her new backpack! Last week, after her preschool orientation, her Daddy Chris took her out to dinner and out to get some school supplies. This is the new backpack she picked out and made sure I got a picture of her backpack before she headed off to school.

We all love our little Brookie Bear! I am so excited to watch her as she grows and learns. She is turning into quite the amazing little girl. :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Brookie was sitting on the LoveSac the other day and asks me... 

"Why is it called a LoveSac Mom? Are you supposed to hug while you sit on it?"

I explained to her it was just the name of it, but that you could definitely hug while you sat on it if you wanted.

Next thing you know she has me come sit next to her so we can hug and cuddle on the LoveSac.

Love that little girl. :)