Tuesday, March 8, 2011

.Yes Mommy!.

Ah, the two words that you feel like you NEVER hear as a Mommy.

I told Brookie we needed to take a shower. Her response "No, not right now."
So instead of fighting with her, I went upstairs and made us a snack.
I came down the stairs, snack in hand, to find Brookie undressed and all ready to get in the shower.

I hope one day her favorite thing to surprise me with is cleaning the house...
or maybe just her room. :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

.4 Year Old Check-Up.

Last week, Brookie had her 4 year old check up at the Dr.

She is definitely not the shy little girl that she used to be. It was almost impossible for me to talk to the Doctor because she had so much she wanted to say. 

She weighs 33lbs and is 39 inches tall. She is right at the 30th percentile for both height and weight. 

She didn't pass her eye test...but I am not too worried about it at this point. The reason she didn't pass is because the very bottom line she said was "too small". Knowing Brookie, had she not been able to actually see it, she would have said that it was blurry or something. Things are always "too hard, too small, or too complicated" for Brookie. Classic excuses of hers to get out of doing things. When it's time for her to start school I will get her eyes checked just to make sure.