Monday, October 17, 2011

.Primary Program.

Yesterday was Brooklyn's Primary Program. She had to memorize the above scripture to recite along with the rest of the Sunbeams. We started working on it with her Saturday afternoon...and she got it memorized by that evening! 

The Sunbeams were the first ones to recite their part.  They had them all standing on one side of the pulpit and someone held the microphone and swept back and forth so you could hear all of the children. Well, Brookie leaned as far forward as she could and followed the microphone the WHOLE time...speaking as loudly as she could only hear Brooklyn. :)

She sang all the songs as loud as she could and did such a good job. She had a hard time holding still and was moving and talking the whole time...what else would you expect from a 4 year old that is expected to stand in the same place for 45 minutes straight??

We were so proud of her for doing such a good job.

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