Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My little Brookie Bear is growing up way too fast. :(

I am so proud of the little girl she is turning into though.

Brookie is our little artist. She LOVES to draw and is quite good at it. You can tell what most of the things are that she is drawing and she gets the biggest grin when you guess right what is in the picture she has given you. If you get it wrong, she will make you guess over and over until you get it right. She won't let you give up easily either.

Last week she came over to me with a Princess Letters book of hers and said "Look what I did Mom!" She had copied the letter S and written it all by herself. No tracing or help at all. She has gotten really good at just copying what she sees. She can write MOM without any help or even seeing the word now. If you write her name, she can copy all of the letters and write it out.

We are still working on her recognizing what all the letters are, but I think she is on to a really good start.

Her new favorite thing to do is model for pictures. She will have me take pictures of her in certain outfits and she will strike different poses. It is SO adorable.

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