Tuesday, February 22, 2011

.The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

This morning we were invited by our neighbor Ashley, who has 2 kids the same age as Brookie and Lily, to go to friend day at the kids gym that they go to once a week. I knew the girls would enjoy, so of course we accepted.

The girls loved it. Brookie had so much fun and kept yelling out in class "Hey! Everyone! Look at me!" while she did what she had just learned. That was DEFINITELY an hour well spent...and an hour that clearly wore her out.

Then we ran some quick errands and grabbed some lunch. I took the girls in to JoAnn's with me so I could get some yarn. While we were in there, Brookie found this ball that was rubber and had gold sparkles in it that was kind of like a snow globe when you shake it up. She kept telling me she wanted to get it and I kept telling her that we were not going to buy anything except yarn. When we got up to the register we waited in line for a few minutes and the girls played with all the dollar stuff on the way up to the register. This next part caught me SO off guard, I reacted the best way that I could...
As we walked up to the register, Brookie must have thought we were leaving and heading out the door, she yells out just as I get up to the register, "Mom! Look what I stoleded!" as she opens up her jacket pocket to reveal the ball I had told her she could not get. I wish the store had been empty and that 5 other people had not seen and heard that moment, but sadly, they did. I quickly rushed over to her, took the ball and walked back to the register asking the cashier how much the ball was. She looked at it and said "I don't think we even carry these in the store. Someone must have left it. You can just have it." 
At least my child wasn't stealing something that they were actually selling???
I didn't even know she was old enough to know what stealing was OR where she learned it!!

After dinner I realized we needed a few things from the store and figured we could just make a quick trip over there before Aaron got home from working late. I got the girls in the car and we headed to Walmart. Brookie loves the carts they have with the extra seat that are insanely big and ridiculous to steer. I will only get them for the girls to sit on if we have a large shopping trip ahead of us. So, when we walked into Walmart, Brookie insisted that we get one of those carts. I told her no and got another cart and put Lily in it. She demanded again and I just ignored her and started to push the cart towards the produce section. Brooklyn RUNS in front of the cart and starts pushing it back screaming at me that she wants the other cart. I push back and tell her no and that we are in a hurry. She CONTINUES and starts having a MELTDOWN!! I have NEVER had anything like this happen in my life...or even seen it happen. I did the only thing I really could do at that point...I grabbed Brooklyn by the hand, left the cart sitting in the middle of the walkway and marched out of the store with her crying and screaming the ENTIRE way to the car saying "I'll listen Mom! Go back to the store!" over and over. People stared, which I can't blame them for, I would have probably stared too. She continued to do this the whole way home. As soon as we parked the car at home, Brooklyn unbuckled her seatbelt and CLIMBED over the front seat and climbed on my back still crying and screaming BEGGING me to go back to the store. I sat there stunned for almost 30 seconds before I just climbed out of the car with her hanging on my back like a little monkey.

I honestly can't help but just laugh about it. What else can you do?

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  1. LOL Leah you did exactly what I would have done! And yup people will stare, but the parents will understand :). Poor Brooke, must have been a long day before for something like that to happen.