Wednesday, September 22, 2010

."Why Did They Do That?!".

This morning Brookie & I enjoyed a lazy morning watching her shows on the couch. A show about Volcanoes came on after one of her shows ended. It seemed fairly interesting, so we sat and watched it for a bit. They started talking about Mount St. Helens and showed how it was starting to bubble in an area where the gases were rising to the surface...meaning it would ultimately erupt at some point.

From a child's point of view, this meant absolutely nothing to Brooklyn until they did a little demonstration. The expert took a can of soda and shook it up as he explained how there are gases in the can and they are rising to the surface. To show the eruption, he quickly opened the can letting the soda explode everywhere.

This was Brooklyn's response...

(Expert open's can and soda explodes all over)
Brooklyn: *Immediately looks up at me with a very upset look on her face* "Why did they do that?!"

Mommy: *A smirk quickly crosses my face before I reply sarcastically* "What's wrong? Did you want the soda?"

Brooklyn: *An embarrassed look takes over her face and she quickly turns back to look at the TV*

She is so much fun to tease. Yet another trait she gets from her Mama.

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