Thursday, August 19, 2010

.To the Moon & Back!.

Tuesday I took the girls to Discovery Gateway & Clark Planetarium in Downtown SLC. I have a 6 month pass to Discovery Gateway that I haven't used since May and Clark Planetarium is free...what better way to spend the day then not having to spend any money! :)

Discovery Gateway was a mad house. I didn't even think about it being probably the last week of summer for all the kids going back to school. Plus, I heard they were having some sort of "Free Day". So you can imagine most of my time was spent trying not to lose Lily.

One of the only pictures I was able to take

We then moved on to the Planetarium which was practically empty!! It was SO nice!

The first thing you see when you walk in is the "Sphere". Brookie immediately pointed out that this planet had an eye on it!

The girls ran along freely looking at different things and I didn't have to stress over them getting lost. Lily ran a bit too freely when she slipped under the safety rail under the planets just as I started to point out Mercury to Brookie.

I somehow tricked her into coming close enough to me so I could grab her somewhere around Neptune

Brookie's best impression of a Rocket Ship

The girls favorite part of the entire Planetarium...

The Moon...

As soon as Brookie stepped on the Moon she started saying it was cold and pretend shivering...she even had the little boy behind her doing the pretend shiver while he got his picture taken.

She LOVED the rocks...after this picture the Moon turned into her obstacle course.

Lily "conquering" the rock.

"Brr!! Mom it's cold! I need my coat!"

...and Mars

Just as I snapped this picture Brookie yelled out "Oh no! We left Lily on the Moon!"...guess what Lily was doing on the Moon??"

She conquered this rock as well.

Right after this picture she walked down the slope making sure she DIDN'T avoid the rocks...she just wanted to make it interesting.

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